• Universal! The only pedal drive that can be added to multiple types of paddle sports watercraft.

  • Zero draft! Adds nothing to the draft of your paddle sports watercraft!

  • Number ONE in shallow water operation!

  • Glides over rocks, downed trees ....effortlessly!

  • A complete pedal drive system with  integral rudder and control for your paddle watercraft!

The PedalProp is so unique that it has been awarded U.S. Patent No. 9,302,755

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What PedalProp owners are saying:

  • "I had a chance to test an advertised feature of the PedalProp yesterday as I was cruising along a marsh shoreline with the prop at full depth and ran over an unseen submerged log.  The impact kicked the prop completely out of the water - pretty startling. Everything worked normally afterward but I was sure I'd see something bent or tweaked when I got back to the beach.  Nothing, not a dent, scratch or twist to be seen. PedalProp - 1...Log - 0!"         RW  on a Old Town Loon (sit inside)
  • "There is definitely growing interest in the PedalProp after its performance at the last delta event. I was pedaling through 6 inches of grass filled water almost flawlessly. It was pretty surreal actually. Nothing but complaints from every other manufacturers drives."      
           CL on a Field and Stream Eagle Talon (SOT)
  • "...the pedal props works like a charm in the river and lake. I really like the frame because I'm gonna add fishing rail to add extra stuff on it....It was very comfortable sitting back and I'm moving pretty fast compared to paddling. I really like the setup you made....i love the work you do and this thing is super cool."                                          DV  on a Sevylor Colorado Fish Hunter (Inflatable)