About PedalProp

My name is Bruce Wolfe and Pedal Prop is my business. The idea was born out of a fascination I had with a set of books my Dad had when I was a young boy. It was a practical volume of do it yourself projects for almost everything, build your own house, fix a car, build a tractor, how to weld and one project was a pedal powered catamaran built with a bike frame, gears from a car's rear axle and a used boat propeller. The thing would have weighed a ton and would have been difficult to build, but the idea stuck with me for years though the process of growing up. 

I received my degree in Parks and Recreations Administration and went a on trip around the country visiting the National Parks and then working at several county parks systems for a number of years. I became infatuated with hang gliding and built my own hang glider and became what was referred to as an air junkie, someone whose main objective is time in the air and living in a community of like minded people. I even motorized one of my hang gliders to make a free flying aircraft under the Federal Aviation ultralight rules. 

I did eventually come to my senses and joined a family owned company building specialty equipment for all sort of different industries. I found I was really good at building things, it must have had something to do with my Mom getting me an Erector Set instead of the toy robot I wanted for my birthday. Build your own robot she said, so I did and a lot of other things as well.


Years of machine tool building and then years as a maintenance tech at a large corporation  taught me a lot. Careful attention to detail, innovation to fix broken equipment and special build projects to accomplish specific needs. Generally speaking, things that break are bad and simple is better.

Innovation does not come from large corporations it comes from individuals. Large corporations chase money, individual chase dreams. That is what Pedal Prop is, just some guy that had a dream to build a pedal powered boat and did not like what was available on the market and thinks he has a better idea. So, no deep pockets here, just a self funding innovator building and selling his idea to people who want to pedal rather than paddle their way across the water. PedalProps are not just built, they are hand crafted  with quality with off the shelf components and basic fabricated parts to produce a simple, reliable and unique design that can do what no other pedal drive can.

Pedal Prop is the accumulation of a lot of practical mechanical experience and lifelong enjoyment of nature. I have always enjoyed hiking, backpacking or just walking in fields and woods. The Pedal Prop is like taking a walk on water for me. It is quite and unobtrusive and it works great for fishing too. So, if you are not satisfied with what you see in pedal drives, take a close look at the information on this site, perhaps you will decide to have me build one for you.

Thank you.


Bruce Wolfe