The 2021 PedalProps are almost here! They will be available the second half of March.



Here is what is new for 2021. A simpler pivot design for the gearbox and newly designed  DSS (depth setter stabilizer) are both cleaner and easier to customize for the width of the watercraft. A drive tube extension is now available that can be used on both sit-inside and SOT to accommodate longer watercraft and the frame can now be configured to make it  easily length adjustable. These changes have also allowed for a smaller container so shipping costs are reduced.


So here is the bottom line: sit inside PedalProps list for $1,263 when charged to a credit card. However, if you pay with a money order, cashiers check or a personal check the price is $1,226. SOT PedalProps list for $1,333 for credit card purchases and $1,294 for checks. I will ship once the check clears.


Please contact me, email or phone call, to discuss your watercraft so I know how to configure your PedalProp. I presently do not have the website set up so I can just receive orders without personal contact to make sure the PedalProp will work for you.






We don’t have any products to show here right now.



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